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Service Philosophy:

Our tenet : Service First, Customer Supreme

Quality System and Service:

With the years of experience in quality management, the Company has made a long-termdevelopment plan. Through strict management and constant improvement, the quality management work of the Company goes scientifically, sequentially and effectively all the time. The Company has set up a special department and a powerful quality management team under the leadership of the vice general manager of the Company, with more than 50 full-time quality management workers carrying out quality control.

The company has been strictly implementing national related quality regulations and product standards, actively promoting well-known brand strategy, and taking quality as our foundation; in addition, we have established the policy of “Innovative Technology, Scientific Management, Quality First, Customer Supreme”.

Focusing on quality, we are striving to provide high quality products and satisfactory services for customers during the process of innovation and development in the spirit of “Innovative Design, Constant Improvement”.

After-sales Service:

Thanks for your purchase of Panda electronic product! We maintain a leading position in research and development and production of Panda electronic products of a China Well-known Trademark and also provide practical after-sales service to assure customers in purchase and use. Your products of the Company enjoy a lifelong maintenance service since the purchase. If any problem in use or fault of the product occurs, you can call our regional service hotline for lifelong maintenance.

Please fill the appended maintenance card after the purchase of the product, and keep the card with the invoice in order to show them when maintenance is needed. Maintenance service for the first year since the day of purchase is free.

In case of damage caused by incorrect use, man fault, collision and breakage rather than by the quality of the product itself, the Company only charges material but not the maintenance.

Casing, earphone, external power supply, wire controller and other accessories are excluded from free maintenance service. In case of need of purchase of accessories, the Company only charges the material.
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